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The Budokan Judo Dojo, operates out of Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington and offers classes to students of all ages, with levels ranging from Junior to Advanced. Judo means the gentle way and is a modern Japanese martial art that emphasizes grappling and leverage to safely defeat any opponent.

Students of the Budokan Judo Dojo will learn all of the basic throws, pins and breakfalls that make Judo a dynamic Olympic sport and effective system of self defense. Classes are taught by experienced instructors who have years of teaching experience and have competed at the highest national and international levels.

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Fund raising Newaza Clinic with Taylan Yuasa

Friday, May 17 at Budokan Dojo

All collected donations will go toward assisting Sensei Bert Mackey to attend the 
World Jujitsu Championships as Taylan's coach.