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Brothers Tegan Yuasa  (-50kg) and Taylan Yuasa (-60k) win bronze medals in their respective divisions at the 2017 US Open Championships in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Congratulations Tegan and Taylan! 

* * * * *

All dojo Mariner Game Night is on Tuesday, August 15th!  

It is a long standing tradition that the dojo takes a break from judo practice to watch Mariner baseball with our "judo family."  This year's dojo outing date is Tuesday, 15August 2017.  The Mariners will be playing the Baltimore Orioles at 7:10pm.   Group tickets for the game are complimentary to dojo members, parents, and instructors.  Tickets for friends or extended family members are $15 per person.

Please check your schedule and contact Calvin Sensei by Friday, 21 July 2017 to reserve your tickets! (calterada@yahoo.com)


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Seattle Buddhist Temple - Bon Odori Festival Judo Demonstration  is on Saturday, 15  July 2017 at 5:30PM (meet at 5PM near the gym!)
All dojo students and instructors are welcome to participate in this wonderful opportunity to demonstrate judo at the 2017Seattle Bon Odori Festival.  
No prior experience needed.  Please let any of the instructors know if you are interested in participating. 

The Seattle Bon Odori is a wonderful Buddhist festival that celebrates the ancestors that have passed on by remembering and appreciating their contribution to their descendent's lives.  
The main feature is folk dancing in the street in front of the church.  Crafts and food are available for purchase from a variety of different booths setup along the street.  
For those old enough, a beer garden with live music is hosted behind the church.  

See you on Saturday the 15th! 

* * * * * 

Congratulations to Maddie (Silver), Kaiya (Gold & Gold), Keiden (Silver), Tegan (Silver), and MIsato (Gold & Gold) who represented BVudokan at the 2017 USA Judo Junior Olympics in Spokane! 

* * * * * 

Congratulations to all competitors, referees, coahches and parents from the Pacific Northwest who headed down to Salt Lake City for the 
USA Judo Senior National Championships! 

* * * * * 

Kodonomo no Hi "Children's Day" Festival at the Japanese Culture and Community Center is scheduled for Sunday, May 7, 2017!
Our judo demo is scheduled for 12:50pm in the dojo.  Please meet at 12:20pm around the dojo area.  No experience is required for this demo.  If anyone has questions about the event, please ask one of the Senseis!

* * * * * 

We have two judo demonstrations coming up this spring:

Saturday, 26 March: Sakura-Con Judo Demonstration @ Washington State Convention Center
        (Please sign up by 25 February for passes!  All members regardless of experience are welcome to participate with day-pass included for Anime convention)

Sunday, 1 May:  Kodomo no Hi (Children's Day) JCCCW Judo Demonstration @ Dojo
        (Please sign up by 28 April 2016.  All members regardless of experience are welcome to participate)

* * * * *

Happy 2016! 

A great turnout for our annual New Year's Day practice to start off 2016!  

Photos courtesy of K. Beck 

* * * * * 

The annual Budokan Dojo Tournament was held on Saturday, June 6th at Shorewood H.S., Shoreline, WA. 
Thank you to all the competitors and volunteers who helped make this such a successful event!

Photos courtesy of K. Beck

* * * * * 
Taylan Yuasa was recently featured in a Seattle Times HS Sports section article.  You can read the article here!

* * * * *
A quick reminder about the our dojo's inclement weather policy:  If Seattle Public Schools are closed, then the dojo will also be closed.  

* * * * * 

Our next judo demonstration is scheduled for Sunday, 7 September at 3:30pm 
as part of the 2014 Aki Matsuri (Fall Festival).  Showcase judo to interested community members!  Please let Sensei John or Sensei Calvin know if you can participate by Friday, 5 September 2014 so that we have an approximate headcount.  Everyone is welcome to participate in regardless of skill level.  
* * * * *
USJF Junior Nationals Poster

The 2014 USJF Junior Nationals were held July 4-6 in Honolulu, Hawaii! Congratulations to all the competitors from Budokan Dojo and the Northwest Yudanshakai who competed.  
Tegan Yuasa and Alissa Kosugi took gold in Katame no Kata and silver in Nage no Kata.  Tegan Yuasa also took silver in shiai in the Intermediate 2 31 kg divsion.  Christine Nguyen is natinonal champ in IJF 52kg.   

* * * * *
Congratulations to all who participated at the Senior Nationals on May 3-4 in Reno, NV!  Taylan Yuasa took 1st in the brown belt, 2nd in the black belt divisions; Bert Mackey and Masami Hasegawa both placed first in their respective Masters divsions!  

* * * * * 

The Seattle Dojo Tournament was held on Saturday, May 3rd at the South Bellevue Community Center.  Great job to Christine Nguyen who took 1st; Alissa Kosugi who took 2nd and also two 1st places in kata; Tegan Yuasa who took 3rd and also two 1st places in kata; Naomi Nam, 3rd and Meredith Nam 4th.  Congratulations to all competitors!
* * * * * 

Kodomo no Hi Judo Demonstration

Sunday May 4th 1:00pm

Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington

1414 South Weller Street
Seattle, WA 98144
Tel: (206) 728-0610
Children’s Day is a fun and exciting introduction to the rich world of children’s culture in Japan. The JCCCW welcomes families in the community to take part in the Kodomo no Hi festival as an opportunity to experience multiculturalism while celebrating the health and growth of all children.

Photo courtesy of Violet N Photography (www.violetnphotography.com)